It’s planting time

by planter’s child adventures

An expatriate friend of mine on LinkedIn said Markham and Ramu Valley kids have the best potential future of any youth in Papua New Guinea nowadays.

Why? Because these kids do know how things should be done on the ground. And also, it’s important to show these kids how it should be done properly.

I continue to share stories and promote agriculture at Markham Valley Secondary School because I believe agriculture is the solution to hunger, poverty and unemployment.

And schools like MVSS are better placed to influence and guide students for positive outcomes.

It is important to teach life skills to students and prepare them for a self- reliance lifestyle. Indeed self-reliance lifestyle is healthy, rewarding and fulfilling.

Yesterday MVSS principal, Mr Billy Kayo shared pictures of new agriculture developments at the school.

This nursery of drumhead (round) cabbages are ready to be transplanted in the agriculture gardens. Considering that the Markham plains are generally hot, and that this vegetable may not do as it would in the colder regions, it is an interesting challenge.

In 2020, the first trial turned a healthy yield. The school has two other plots for self-reliance. In two weeks time, they will harvest the first block for 2021.

And I am keen to share this first harvest too.

While it is fulfilling to see these cabbages grow and mature, students will be assessed on various skills including nursery skills, planting, and crop management skills.

Agriculture is a sustainable lifestyle so let’s change the narrative around agriculture education in PNG and make it a happy and healthy lifestyle for young people.

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