Partner application to farmer wants a wife

by planter’s child adventures

Care for a laughter? Why not let’s have some fun laughing session.

What is the most romantic, funny and crazy subject you’ve written as a writer?

You wouldn’t believe this, would you? Writing effectively is important in communication but it is also important to write with purpose and clarity.

For me personally, I’ll let you in on a secret and you can laugh all the way to the garden, to the farm and into the countryside where there is fresh air and green grass.

It was a bright sunny day. I was so bored doing routine work that I decided to pen an honest rather funny application in search of a prospective husband. Not just any husband but a country farmer husband.

Someone born and bred on the farm. That’s it.

This could be what people like to say fishing for a farmer through writing. Perhaps it’s also a reflection and adoration of my deep connection with all things country and farming.

Let me take you back to my memorable childhood. When I was seven, my father got us a house on a local government station at Umi in Markham. The house was located near a forest full of pine trees. My small brother, Jerry and I would open the windows and see cows graze on the grass and walk about in the forest.

It was just like looking outside to see flowers bloom in the backyard. I’m saying this because it’s the everyday view.

We would look out and start saying moo moo in an effort to chase them away. Sometimes they would escape into mum’s garden and help themselves to the kaukau and cassava leaves.

It was always a lovely sight to see cows graze on the lush green hill next to Yati, a fast flowing river which is about ten to fifteen minutes walk from the house.

Sometimes mum would go fishing while I helped with baits and food. I had a fear for fast flowing river and I would just sit and wait under the shade trees.

And it’s not impossible to develop a strong connection with the countryside.

So it was on this dull monotonous day that all these country thoughts hit me emotionally. I realised I was single and was genuinely looking for love. I came across ” Farmer Wants A Wife ” and so I happily submitted the application.

This was what I have written. See proof attached. Now you can believe this is fun aye.

I am single and genuinely looking for love. I grew up as a planter’s child and it’s hard not to imagine a life without the love and passion for all things farming.

Farming in this sense is subsistence at a smallholder level. I have learned to grow food crops such as taro, banana, cassava, yam and taro coupled with vegetables like aibika, spring onion, tomatoes, beans including corn.

What I am looking for in a prospective farmer husband is honesty, trust and effective communication. I believe these are essential for a long lasting and fruitful relationship.

I have walked out of failed relationships because those I have befriended were also dating others at the same time and second fiddle is not my cuppa tea. I’m not a love guru, but I believe in taking one chance at one time. I also believe that relationship should not be seen as a back up plan for failures in life. It should be based on genuine motive.

Well here I would like to date Farmer Andrew of New South Wales. What I find interesting is your opinion on fundamentals of good relationship which is one that is build on effective communication, trust and honesty.

And I enjoy the adventurous of country walk, dipping in gushing streams with more humour and jokes.

In five years time, I see myself married with two kids on the farm with a farmer husband.

I believe my tradtional PNG upbringing can compliment your Australian agribusiness lifestyle as a farmer. I can help you write and edit your business files, plant some tropical garden food and teach you to cook marafri in a claypot as a proud Adzera as part of my public diplomacy outreach.

We can go to church and sing along to Bada Iso Ge Mi for a family reunion.

I believe my outlook in life coupled with a background in communications with a passion in agriculture and farming can help you achieve your farming goals for a sustainable, climate-smart lifestyle.

Why not farmer Andrew. Let’s embrace this journey for two persons-one dream and that’s farming.

I send this with all my love.



10 thoughts on “Partner application to farmer wants a wife

  1. Wishing you my love and best wishes on your application. I just hope Farmer Andrew reads this and personally replies with a letter. Wishing you every success with this one! 🙂 😉


  2. This is best,I mean it’s real in the life of somebody with a beautiful,strong heart and passion/dreams for life in reality..I love it,it was awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

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