I am a proud daughter of a ‘didiman’. I grew up in Kaiapit, Markham as a planter’s child.

I went to school at the old Ampan Lutheran Primary School in Kaiapit and that’s where the love for writing flourished. My first journalistic piece was inspired by a visit to the school by German missionaries in 2004, this was published in the National newspaper’s Young Life supplement magazine back then. I believe this fueled the motivation to study journalism at the University of Papua New Guinea.

My father’s fervent passion for agriculture extension work in Kaiapit, Markham has been the source of inspiration in my drive to succeed. It is my hope to keep that passion alive and promote agriculture as a lifestyle through my writings.

And I must say it has taken imagination, determination and inspiration for me to create this blog. I believe the more you put into gardening the more you get from it.

My writing can be sarcastic and humorous sometime. This goes to show our outlook differs in life and I may not be too pleasing all the time.

Enjoy my blog and please make time to plant some spring onions, beans, aibika and pumpkin tips for your backyard gardening.

Dangke chira!